This page is currently blank, not in a visual sense, for certainly you're seeing this page, because you're reading these words, I'm referring rather, to fact that it is, as of now, devoid of any worthwhile content. That said, you'll have to be patient with me, I not only lost a thought, but I nearly lost my mind in the process. Be assured that I will develop this page in due time, and when that time comes, I will know it. And when I know it, you'll be first in line to get the news.


You should know that writing is as important a creative tool to me as my visual art materials. And though the two go hand in hand and share the same mind, they do not always share the same universe. Both are capable of producing bold and wondrous things, but they don't always think and act alike. That's what makes my life interesting. I love the randomness and the theme-park-like mindscapes I share with both muses.


To write or to paint, that is the question. Or is it?


I never think too hard about what path I'll choose when I'm feeling creative, I let the muse take care of itself. To me, creativity is a two fisted, card dealing, poker player, laying down the cards and betting against the odds. You never know what cards you'll be dealt, but it's always fun to play. And that's what I'll do on this page. Play with words. I love words. I love what they do, how they make me feel, how I can use them to make others feel what I'm feeling. Better than any board game, you can believe it.