I am a Tradigitalist (Tra*dij*ital*ist)

An artist working in the 'New Media' art movement, a fusion of Old World traditional practices with New World digital, (computer-based) technologies.

If this sounds a bit strange, you’re not alone. New Media is a new and emerging art discipline that's bringing together traditional creative processes like drawing and painting with existing digital technologies. It's a fusion of the best of the traditional art practices, with the best of the present, digital forms of expression.

'Tradigital' refers to the melding of traditional and computer-based (digital) methods of creating art. The term is an amalgamation of the words 'traditional' and 'digital' and was coined in the early 90s by Judith Moncrieff, a Pacific Northwest College of Art artist and teacher who invented and taught this new media at her school.

New Media is a comprehensive term that encompasses art forms that are either produced, modified or transmitted by means of digital technology, or, in a broader sense, makes use of new and emerging technologies that originate from scientific, or industrial contexts.


A typical tradigitalist paints and draws with ink, watercolors, oils, acrylics, etc. on canvas or paper. At some point, the piece is digitized using a digital camera or scanner and the resulting image is transferred to a computer where it is enhanced and modified using specialized image editing software like Photoshop. The final piece is then output on a high-end, inkjet printer.


Note: There is a distinct difference between a Tradigitalist and a Digital Artist as the tradigitalist begins the process with an image created by hand outside the computer, whereas the digital artist most likely will create an entire piece on the computer.

In terms of time, this art movement is in its infancy, a toddler on wobbly legs just learning to walk. Once shunned and criticized by contemporary artists, the digital art world is now making peace with its once skeptical progenitors. It's my goal to help demystify this new genre and to encourage more acceptance by fellow artists and the public-at-large. Like any movement, it is an evolving entity, taking on a life of its own, where it will end up is impossible to predict. What is certain, is it will be a wild ride.